Audio for Worship Leaders

Audio can make or break the worship experience. Modern churches have a heavy reliance on audio, but many worship leaders only have a surface level knowledge of it. Many worship leaders are also responsible for overseeing the audio needs of their church. We need audio training to better equip our worship leaders.

Audio for Worship Leaders is specifically designed for you to learn live audio from your perspective as a worship leader. In the course you’ll learn the basics of audio like sound systems and mixing. You’ll understand the perspective of an audio engineer so you can better communicate with your own audio team. You’ll also learn the unique dynamics of audio in a worship service and how to navigate challenges with both your worship and production team.

Having a better understanding of audio will make you a stronger and more confident worship leader.

To create this course, I need your help

I’m still in the process of writing and building Audio for Worship Leaders. As I work on creating the course, I want your input to learn what would be most effective for you and your teams.

Would you be willing to take a short survey to help shape the course? The more feedback I get, the better the course will be. Once you’ve finished the survey, please share it with a fellow worship leader so they can give their own input.


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