An Advent Devotion

I often talk about the responsibility we have as technical leaders to help prevent burnout for ourselves and our teams. Christmas is the time when the rubber hits the road as we’re faced with one of the most hurried times of the year. Today I simply want to ask you:

How are you doing?

In the midst of all your planning, scheduling, rehearsing, preparing and the numerous other things happening this holiday season, are you able to be present? Are you finding times to rest? How’s your sabbath? How’s your relationship with God?

Take a moment right now with me to clear your mind and be present with the Lord.

At my church we celebrate advent this time of year. Just as the world once waited for Jesus to come to the earth to bring salvation, we too await the day Jesus will return and make all things new.

What are you longing for this holiday season? Maybe the mending of a broken relationship. Maybe for healing from illness and pain. Maybe you long for purpose and direction in your life.

Whatever it is you long for, bring it before the Lord. In the midst of all the busyness and hurry during the holidays, we as Christians are called to wait. But we don’t wait like the world waits. We actively wait on the Lord, putting our trust and hope in Him, knowing He is coming soon to usher in the fullness of his Kingdom and renew all things.

As you continue to walk through this Advent/Christmas season, wait on the Lord. Bring your full self to Him. And as you wait to celebrate the day our Savior was born, look to the day Jesus returns to make all things new.


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