A Liturgy for Production Teams

Engaging in worship can be hard for those who serve in production since we participate in worship differently than others. Liturgy is a powerful tool that can help production teams be present, even in the busiest times, by focusing their hearts and minds on worship.

What is liturgy?

In his book The Common Rule, Justin Earley provides a great definition: “A liturgy is a pattern of words or actions repeated regularly as a way of worship.” Most commonly, liturgy is a series of short prayers or readings which church communities say aloud together.

Liturgy can be more than just small prayers read aloud. Liturgy helps shape the order of worship, designed to tell the Gospel narrative. Many liturgical churches also follow the Christian calendar observing the life of Jesus through different seasons such as Advent, Lent, Epiphany and others.

The point of liturgy is to shape a believer’s life to reflect the life and work of Jesus. Liturgy takes what we believe and puts it into practice. The power of liturgy comes through repetition. As we say these prayers and celebrate different seasons, the rhythms and habits shape us into deeper followers of Jesus and align our hearts and minds on Jesus’ work in our communities and world.

Why liturgy for production teams?

Liturgy helps us engage in worship. We participate in worship differently than others. Liturgy reminds us that while we are responsible for producing the service, we are also an active part of it.

Liturgy reminds us how important our role is in worship. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of producing worship and lose sight of what we are called to do as technical artists.

Liturgy helps us remember that while it may feel like we’re just pushing faders or advancing slides, we actually use technology to create beautiful experiences that glorify God and enable others to worship.

Liturgy grows our teams spiritually. As technical leaders, we are responsible for our teams’ spiritual growth, making sure each member is growing as a disciple of Jesus. Liturgy is an excellent tool for spiritual formation since it shapes us to become teams who serve and grow together as followers of Jesus.

How to use Liturgy

Build liturgy into your schedule. Liturgy is most powerful when it becomes a habit, so make a habit of reading liturgies together. Figure out a time in your normal Sunday rhythm to have your whole team pause and read the liturgy together. You could have everyone come together to read it or even put it on screen and read it over comms.

Read liturgy together. Liturgies work best when read together. It reminds us that worship is a communal experience, not just an individual one. It reminds us we are not alone but are surrounded by our sisters and brothers in Christ. Liturgy is a more beautiful experience when practiced as a team.

A Liturgy for Production Teams

I originally wrote this Liturgy to be used by my church’s production team as a way to switch our minds from “producing mode” and to focus on how God wants to move through our worship services.

I recommend reading this liturgy aloud as a team just before you begin a service. Remember, the power of liturgy happens over time, so don’t give up if it feels awkward at first.

Heavenly father,

As we begin our services this morning, we acknowledge Your Presence here. Your Spirit has been moving to prepare our hearts to meet with You. We bring our hurts and longings here and lay them at Your feet.

As we worship you this morning, let our service be an act of worship to You, let our hearts be in tune with Your Spirit, let our crafts enable others to know and worship You.

Move in our hearts this morning, we pray, Amen.

Download A Liturgy for Production Teams

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